Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hilton International to add to over 20 large hotel and casinos chains to build on Gaza beach


Only 12 years ago Gaza was a war zone, tunneling into Israel and terrorizing their own population. War was in the streets, Israel’s embargo almost devastating the local economy. A city torn by war and oppressive regime.

Today a booming touristic gem in the Middle East, with over 500 hotels and over 30,000 rooms, 5 Casino’s and resorts. Gaza’s future has never looked more promising.

It all started in 2013, when instead of building tunnels and starting a war, Hamas decided to go the way of Dubai and Monte Carlo, utilizing the experience, know-how and not-to-mention funds of the Emirates and Saudi connections, the Palestinian autonomic state built its first Casino and Resort by offering free land to the Marriot international chain if they would be willing to invest in free casino hosting and training clubs and courses as well as build their next big hotel on the Gaza strip beach.

Today the Gaza gem’s main income is tourism

…. Wouldn’t this be a lovely future?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to setup Bsplayer to pause/unpause with single click


I have decided to start recording tutorials instead of screenshots. so here’s my first one.


I love BSPLAYER it’s my favorite player. but its default settings are kinda off for me. so I customized them.

Recently bsplayer updated to its latest version, and EVERY UPDATE it deletes my customized settings. (don’t ask me why)

So here it is:

In this video I demonstrate how to setup bsplayer preferences to single-click for both pause and un-pause (play).


Setting up BsPlayer to pause/unpause with single click

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I have recently purchased a  phone with an SD card.

I bought a huge 2GB miniSD card, and wanted to transfer the data to the 2GB card.
When i tried, i recieved the frustrating error that it has copyrighted material on it and i can't copy.

It's MY F(%&*ING Card, and I want to back it up, and not have 2 SD cards on me at all times. what am i supposed to do with a 64MB card, save 10 mp3s on it? and where do i save camera images? no no no

a quick look on the web found no Good Answer.
The best i found was to copy the copyrighted material to the phone itself, and then to insert my new card and move data to it. and then reinsert nokia card and again again move to internal memory and then insert 2GB and then and then and on and on...

too slow, to stupid. not on my watch.

Then I found dd for windows.

this is a utility that creates an image (ISO) of your diskette, usb drive etc..

I imaged the nokia SD card to my HD
then using UltraISO extacted the data to a folder and lo-behold, no more copyright issues and i could copy my data "copyrighted" or not, to my 2GB memory :)

good luck

Loading Google android API Samples to android studio

If you have tried loading the samples given by google using the sdk manager, you may have come upon a bit of a hickup.
This is how to fix it:
Android Studio (Preview) version :  0.6.1
let’s import the media router sample project:
located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-studio\sdk\samples\android-19\media\BasicMediaRouter
Select BasicMediaRouter, The Android studio will load, but empty:
Click on Project and open file at root of folder:
Double click on the first error stating the build tools version is wrong and what is the correct build tools version:
image image
change the 0.9.+ to whichever is correct, mine is 0.11.+, the change attribute of file from read only to writable dialog will appear, click ok to continue to edit the build tool version the red squiggly line will disappear  meaning you are on your way !
Build->Make Project
a new error message comes up in the gradle build tool window: Task ‘assemble’ not found in root project ‘BasicMediaRouter’
What this means is something to do with IDEA changing versions and changing shit with no backward compatibility (thanks guys)
basically easy fix: open up the *.iml file in the root locate the component named FacetManager and delete the entire component
image ==> image
as you click save, the IDE might wish to reload and the IDE will (Finally) get that this is an android application and ask you to configure it:
if it doesn’t work go to File->Project Structure
don’t ask me why, but your project is no longer configured for an SDK
select an installed SDK in the dropdown menu and click OK
the error: Error:The SDK Build Tools revision (19.0.1) is too low for project ':BasicMediaRouterSample'. Minimum required is 19.1.0 will still be there. Open the build.gradle file that is not in the root directory and change the 19.0.1 to 19.1.0
this is the last thing that will appear, I am unsure what it is but it does no harm either way.

now setup the build properties and click the Ctrl+F5 to load.

Oh and good luck with the rest

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Linqing non liqable Collections


If you’re a linq lover like myself maybe you’ve come across gems like .

if your collection offers you GetEnumerator then you’re set. use Linq’s less known helper function OfType<T>()
This great function utilizes the GetEnumerator and turns it into a one way casting of al objects as queryable objects.
From there, it’s a hop skip and jump to Linq.
such as:

                .ForEach(x => x.Click+=x_Click  );


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Intel video driver setup for windows 8.1 SAMSUNG PLASMA TV


How to setup your TV output via HDMI to setup the TV correctly.

check the specs of the TV to find out best resolution  - no need, the intel chipset will recommend the best resolution it can muster for your TV, just stick with it, or lower it so the text and icons are bigger and less pixelated.

so lets start:


1. connect your HDMI out to the TV

2. press  windows+P : select EXTEND


3. Update all your drivers: Windows+x : drivers … update display and monitor drivers image

3. Right click on the desktop, select Graphic properties for Intel graphics card


4. open the graphics properties and select DISPLAY.
4.1. Select the correct monitor (Select display)
4.2. Then play with the exact size , pan and tilt.



Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FullStack vs ???? single stack ??


It has come to my attention that some developers only deal with one aspect of development. They do it well, but they don’t really even understand the rest. Some come from developing apps like MOS and customizations and addins/templates built over Frameworks and Existing systems.

I rememnber being asked “can you develop from scratch” and didn’t know there was another way. turns out, a lot of developers only know how to use systems, but not configure them, such as database from scratch, wcf, hibernate/entity mapping from scratch etc.. they know how to live in someone elses kingdom but do not reallt know how to build that kingdom themselves.

I believe in understanding the entire process, I really dislike the Frontend of UI, but I understand it. I am a server man myself.


I think this new “fullstack developer” vs “????? single stack ? developer”  is problematic. I think requiring REAL developers to add “fullstack” to their name rather than deciding that “single stack” developers be singled out creates an imbalance.

Only my opinion ofcourse.

Group or ungroup shapes, pictures, or other objects in Word 2010


I have been using word 2010, didn’t check if this is true to other versions, but could not select multiple objects.

I usually go with stackoverflow with these questions, but couldn’t find such.

Found one on msdn, but the answer had ZERO points, yet it was the only one that worked.

original question taken from :

“I'm using Office 2010 Professional Plus 64-bit.  I can't select multiple objects in Word 2010 either by shift-clicking, control-clicking, rubber-banding or using control-a in either the main work area or in the selection pane.  There's no way to group objects or to make simultaneous canges to multiple objects.

Is this a bug or did Microsoft Office developers decide that people won't want to handle more than one object at a time in the future? Maybe that we are de-evolving back to monkeys or something? …“


and the solution I found by Wamer_ca who answered on  Wednesday, February 01, 2012 3:49 PM

to whom I could not award points as they closed the question, and awarded no one.


“ I have had this same problem off and on since moving to Office 2010 and I think I've found a solution.

I would take a screen shot and then want to add arrows or shapes to highlight specific areas. I wanted to group the shapes and screen shot together so that they would be perfectly aligned as the document evolved.

The problem was that I could not select all of the objects at the same time. The most frustrating part was that sometimes this would work and sometimes it would not. I was not sure what the reason was.

Well, I got it to work!

The default text wrapping style is “In Line with Text” when you paste the screen shot. Changing this to be “In front of Text” or “In Line with Text” allowed all of the objects (screen shot and shapes) to be selected and grouped together.

You can find the text wrapping feature by right clicking on the object and selecting “Format Object”. It is under the “Layout” menu.

I think the problem is when there is a difference between the text wrapping options for the different objects this prevents them from being selected together. Changing this is what fixed the problem for me. “


So to you Wamer_ca I say thankyou and Kudos. You helped me out.

Monday, March 10, 2014

ChromeCast your life

I just bought a chromecast and woah is it cool. I decided to write a tutorial/review of my experiences so far(3 hours)

CASTING Youtube video from my desktop to my device


Simple, when you install the chomecast it adds an icon
allowing you to send chrome tabs and youtube videos to the device.

Casting movies

Video Stream google chrome app

This has been at great debate on the internet forums, I found VideoStream for Chromecast it allows you to select a video file on your desktop and send it to the device incl mkv, avi, mpg, mp4 files. pretty cool. Does NOT support: subtitiles, video memory of where you are. When you’re playing the video, a new tab opens up allowing you to control the video Pause/Play and using a time slider on the video to seek in almost realtime (you need to press pause).

Cast entire screen (experimantal)

Another GREAT option is to view using : New CAST ENTIRE Screen (experimentimageal) : allows you to well, mmm cast your entire screen it’s experimental although I found no problems with it.

I used BSPLAYER (IMHO the best video player out there) to view a movie incl. sound:

imageAs you can see subtitles and video not a problem, you need to mute the laptop of course but that’s almost the only drawback and makes sense. the playback is great, even at 720p extreme I got great performance on my I7 HP ENVY laptop, but you can always switch to 720p or even 420 if you WIFI/Laptop/GPU is not up for the task.




View Videos from Samsung S3 device

I downloaded the app, and used Viral HD which I found only today, which is SOOOO COOOL. It allows background playback, and shows all the latest viral videos and on and on and on … and of course it includes CHROME CASTING. so I watched the very funny marauder top gear video (watch it its crazy funny) on my TV.

Chromecast in the boardroom

As I am a well seasoned presenter,  I think chromecast is ideal for video projectors/ lcd TVs. I am sure someone will make a real powerpoint chromecast addin (maybe even me) but for now, using the “CASTING ENTIRE SCREEN” function I mentioned earlier, you can show presentations on your tv.  The constant GoogleCast is sharing your screen can be moved using the Anchor  so that’s not such a hassle.
I believe the biggest challenge will be around security. To use chomrecast one needs to be connected to your WIFI. although companies today offer “guest-wifi” enabling users to login to demilitarized (DMZ) servers and the internet, to which the boardroom can utilize to connect the chromecast to its guest-wifi.

The future of casting …

I believe we are seeing the first glimpses of streaming to other devices. the NFC allows streaming from one phone to another, the User experience is still new and requires tweaking to make it friendly and fun for the average user to use and cast , but it exists. The biggest problem I think will be privacy and security. the chromecast is a new generation of INNEXPENSIVE devices able to stream to any TV/Projector with an HDMI port. The time will come and we will start more and better apps and abilities for the different casting vendors.
As I said before, I believe the future is security related casting apps
Currently in its infancy, chromecast connects to your wifi, however, more and more will we see parties and get-togethers' where you might not know all your guests, so apps allowing secure tranfers without allowing strangers on your wifi, ability to create party queues and playlists for chromecast are around the corner.
One such app I saw today is the very badly named VBUKIT Chromecast app that allows casting to your device without giving your WIFI password to anyone. (check it out its pretty cool and the first of many security related chromecasting apps out there I believe). It works by running a server app on the computer connected to the chromecast and allowing anyone to scan a device code and upload their data to the “server” app running the queue on the device.