Monday, August 17, 2009

Symbian stuff I learnt

So I got my new E71

now I find out it's chock full of certificates and obstacles, no wonder iphone is killing the market.

Anything I download is not for version 9.1 or s60v3 so not good. WTF??? why cant symbian be backwards compatible. this sux.

So I downloaded a bunch of stuff and this is what I currently have on my machine:

iPhone-style sms chat software for S60 3rd&5th–Free-iSMS v1.01

I love this crap, it's like the iPhones sms viewer. [unsigned]

Handy Profiles - allows you to automatically move from silent to general to meeting according to times, timed profile, filters in meeting etc..

Y-Browser - free file browser
SkyFire WebBrowser - a lightening fast web browser that cheats, it sends the url to it's server that does the work for your mobile and send your mobile the pic - who cares, it's fast and doesn't drain my cpu/battery = good for me
Opera 4 Web Browser
Files On Ovi - OVI in general rulez
Mobbler - music via
Fring - allows you to call skype users on the web using your phone - even skype client doesn't allow this
CorePlayer - view DIVX movies no compression/changing
Handy Calendar - great color calendar
Voice Inbox - an answering machine to use instead of your mobile's vm that costs minutes to use
AccuWeather - Checkout the weather
Live PVR - Voice recorder - record phone calls, regular record voice, meeting notes
TaskMan - a replacement for the task manager
AudioCube - edit music files and convert them on the phone
StopWatch - just a free utility
WebCam v3 - mobio's product, excellent - make your phone into a webcam
SymSMB - allows you to log in to your network neighbourhood, and share folders off your phone like a regular computer - unsigned
oh signed/unsigned

To allow an app to be installed on your mobile you need it to be signed.
couple of certificates
- developer - about that later
- public - will be signed by a company that bought the certificate

If you are a developer, you can get a certificate FOR YOUR OWN PHONE - works with your IEMI numbers

some private developers are not in it for the money, and are just playing around with the app, hacked/cracked apps are also not able to be publicly signed for obvious reasons.

so you need to get yourself a developer certificate and sign files by yourself.

How to get a developer Certificate
I got mine off a Chinese website - for explinations click here
it helps and also works with expired certificates

I downloaded a 175mb torrent with lots of cracked s60v3 apps [thanks guys]
most are unsigned ofcourse.

just some musings....