Sunday, April 08, 2012

Web Deployment on IIS7


Transforms Web.Config.Release


Install IIS7 Deployment

download Web Platform Installer for IIS7, only way I managed was to install chrome, and then download it.

image YAY microsoft, lock me out and make me install an UNSAFE browser just to do basic admin IT work.



select custom


Web Deploy 2.0 includes a new UI in IIS Manager to configure an IIS site for Web Deploy publishing. This UI serves two purposes:

  1. Sets up file system permissions to enable the Web Deploy publishing service to publish to the site
  2. Generates a publish settings file which can be used in tools like WebMatrix or Visual Studio 2010 to publish to the site without having to enter publishing settings manually

Let's say that we want to grant a local Windows user "JohnDoe" publishing access to the IIS site,

  1. Start IIS Manager by clicking Start > Run and typing "inetmgr.exe"
  2. Connect to the server you want to manage.
  3. Expand the Sites node and right click ""
  4. Click Deploy > Configure for Web Deploy Publishing...
  5. The following UI will show - you can simply click "Setup" and the currently logged-in user will be granted Web Deploy publishing permissions.


Now try to publish from VS STUDIO 2010

If you get this error Could not load file or assembly bla bla bla one of its dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format it might be a 32bit/64bit issue

Go to IIS -> Application Pool -> Advance Settings -> Enable 32-bit Assemblies




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