Friday, May 18, 2007

Aptana JavaScript Editor

I love good IDE's.

One of the reason's I love eclipse is because it is so versatile. You can add any type of addin to Eclipse, and there are many out there. Today I wish to talk a little about APTANA IDE.

The Aptana is an IDE for Javascript (AJAX anyone?) with an excellent bonus.
It allows you to use code-Assist, or as Microsoft users call it "intellisense". You can add your own libraries to the code assist area, and it considers them part of the framework.

It works with CSS, HTML, JS, RUBY, RHTML, RAILS.

It's pretty easy to use with Microsoft's excellent Ajax Framework (formerly known as atlas).
It's still not as god as microsoft's Visual Studio 2005 IDE. check out the free version
Microsoft Web Developer Express

Since VS2005 and the free version as well, do not have good javascript support, i rally my work around both IDE's leaving the hardcore JS to APTANA and the debugging and design to the VS2005.

They work well together, and do not step on each others toes.

give them a try.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bluetooth away

The Bluetooth technology that has hit us is nothing short of incredible. I have always been one for technology, and for protocols that have been standardized.

  • When I sync'd my nokia's, it was always via IR, never via cable (waste of money, each cell phone having its own cable...) .
  • Having an IR keyboard was fun (and I never suffered all the loss-of-connectivity others complained about all the time).
  • Having an Fm wireless keyboard/mouse is also cheap, and fun.
  • I guess having a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse is the same. - I dunno I don't have 'em.

However, most of the BT accessories have been aimed at the cell phone market.Mostly the BT earphones are most popular.

I have a nokia 7370, and a nokia 813i BT earphone. I also own a couple of laptops some with BT embedded devices as well as a BT USB dongle (Motorola). I use BT to sync my phone to my outlook via Nokia's free software.

Yesterday-night I couldn't sleep. I'm an insomniac, but it's irrelevant right now. So I was thinking:

"I have an ear-piece, why can't I connect it to the computer and listen to music (mp3) at the 7m distance I speak with my cell-phone ?"

So I started digging and came up with Wei-Meng Lee's input, he wrote at WindowsDevCenter. In his article he states that you need to use broadcom's stack to change your BT profile.I have to say, It didn't work... and I am still very disapointed.

However... I have come across an excellent little piece of ingenuity.

Use your Cell Phone as a BT remote control

I think it's an ingenious idea.

The guys a have created this awesome program called "Salling Clicker" for PC and MAC.

What it does is by using Java scripts that run via the windows scripting host in your computer you can control anything on your computer from your BT enabled phone.Now I must say for the cost of $23.95 you can have your own BT Remote control from your Laptop is an ok deal.

Besides this being an excellent idea, with tons of supported phones, it also allows ME to add my own JS or VB scripts, and enhance the basic functionalities of the Clicker.I tested the free version and it works (on Bsplayer, my fav app) , and think it's a cool idea.

For anyone who knows me knows 2 things:

  1. I give lectures with PowerPoint slides
  2. I am an avid film buff.

I now have a customizable/scriptable remote control!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


בחור אחד הגיע לראיון עבודה בכלבו גדול ומפורסם. המראיין ששוחח אתו התלהב ממנו מאוד, אולם דבר אחד הפריע לו מלקבל את הבחור לעבודה: כל הזמן הוא היה ממצמץ בעין אחת. "תראה בחור", הוא הסביר, "כאן זה כלבו מכובד ולא נוכל לקבל איש מכירות שיקרוץ כל הזמן." "אה, זה שום דבר", אמר הבחור, "אני לוקח כדור אספירין וזה עובר. "באמת?" שאל המראיין, "אפשר לראות?" הכניס הבחור את ידו לכיסו כדי להוציא את האספירין. תוך כדי חיפוש הוא הוציא חפיסות קונדומים בצבעים שונים. "תראה בחור", אמר לו המראיין, "אנחנו כלבו מכובד ולא נוכל להעסיק עובדים שכל הזמן מסתובבים עם חפיסות קונדומים ומחפשים בחורות."- מחפשים בחורות? מה פתאום?? אני בחור הגון שנשוי באושר! אני לא מחפש שום בחורות!- באמת? אז מה זה כל הקונדומים הצבעוניים הללו?-אה... זה... אני אסביר לך: ניסית פעם להיכנס לבית מרקחת ולבקש מהרוקח חבילת אספירין תוך כדי קריצה?