Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Windows 7 – UAC and Admin issues

I like the UAC, I like that finally I am running ona regular user account and not always on admin

Finally a UNIX-like system, where you hae to login to SU to be a super user.


Just came across this


and this


Hope this helps you in your quest for administrative dominance.



Monday, November 22, 2010

Setup Instructions : Google Sync - Google Mobile Help

Setup Instructions : Google Sync - Google Mobile Help

Before you start:
* We strongly recommend that you back up any data from your phone using the Nokia PC Suite or other phone management software.
* You'll also need to make sure that your phone is compatible with Mail for Exchange and that you've downloaded the latest version.

To configure the Mail for Exchange application for Google Sync, follow these steps:

  1. Open the MfE folder on your phone and start the Mail for Exchange application.
  2. Select Yes when prompted to create a new Sync profile.

  3. Configure the profile with the following settings:

    * Connection
    • Exchange Server: m.google.com
    • Secure Connection: Yes
    • Access Point: your carrier's Internet access point
    • Sync while roaming: your preferred setting
    • Use default port: Yes

    * Credentials
    • Username: Your full Google email address, e.g. jon@gmail.com
    • Password: Your Google Account password
    • Domain: leave empty
    * Sync schedule
    • Decide when you want synchronization to happen. Leaving this Always On will ensure your data is always current, but will also consume more battery than other settings.

    * Calendar
    • Synchronize Calendar: Enable or disable
    • Sync Calendar back: your preference
    • Initial Sync: Decide if you want to keep existing Calendar events on your phone or replace them all with events synced from Google Calendar.
    * Tasks
    • Synchronize Tasks: No (currently not supported by Google Sync)
    * Contacts
    • Synchronize Contacts: Enable or Disable
    • Initial Sync: Decide if you want to keep existing Contacts on your phone or replace them all with contacts synced from Google.
    * E-mail
    • Synchronize Email: Enable or Disable
    • E-mail address (default based on profile)
    • Show new mail popup (yes/no)
    • Use signature (default to no)
    • Signature
    • When sending mail (default: send immediately; alternative is send at next sync only)
    • Sync messages back (default: 3 days; alternatives are 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, all messages)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Installing my e71 again..

Installing my e71 again.. [part 1]

I went to the shop and fixed my e71
it had a number of issues with it, least of which was the "no gps" most of which included "can't hear call waiting and finally - doe not sync calendar" which finished me completely.

So it's that time again.

First thing i did was take pictures of the screens so i know what to install

However since they completely changed my phone i need a new IEMI certificate for my new phone for all the apps i installed that are not free or cracked etc..
of which there are a lot.

So to summarize the tasks:

1) Install the PCSuit files
2) get a new developers certificate
3) setup the general/personalization
4) install apps

PCSuit installed the new versions
  • MMSSync v1.0
setup all the general data

Handy Taskman + crack allows me to have a normal task manager in my mobile allowing me to kill or end processes.

two accounts (both gmail) : one is my PC main mail that i setup as to be read once an hour in case my PC has connectivity issues or is shutdown, in which case the mobile will pickup the mail
this setup is
Delete: pc & mobile to maintain filters ahead of time when possible
Notification : Alarm 2.aac

other account: is my mobile mail
how i set it up
in google i created a filter and setup certain mail to not go through the filter, everything else goes through it.
the filter is apptly named MOBILE
and this filter has a rule forwarding all the MOBILE to another gmail account that is essentially only for my mobile mail.

Nokia Messaging: allows me to read data off of imap v4, which is my corporate account.

Next install WhatsApp (WhatsApp_2_1_15.sis) which allows most phones (iphone, bb and nokia s60) to converse between them - this is basically messenger service where all you need is someone's tel number to communicate with them

Opera Mobile - a great browser - very important to have multiple browsers on your phone for different web experiences

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Conditional row color based on a cell value

The Excel Conditional Formatting : Advanced

Have you ever wanted to color a cell by checking status of another cell and found it... not so simple ?

I read this excellent Excel 2003 article about conditional formatting , and decided to update it to the 2007 version of Excel.

Lets start with just a rudimentary worksheet about toDos and statuses

as you can see our statuses are "ok" and "not ok" (or nothing)

Next create a condition

Now add a conditional formatting by selecting the rows you wish to color (not the rows to be tested!!)

In our case it's all of colums B and C so select'em

go to Conditional Formatting and select NEW RULE

a popup will open called New Formatting Rule.

Select the last option (Use formula to determine which cells to format)

The conditional INDIRECT

=INDIRECT("A1") will give you the reference to cell A1 So
=ROW() will return the current row number and
=INDIRECT("B"&ROW()) will reference the B1 , B2 ,B3 cells etc as if you were dragging a formula down the rows

back to the issue at hand ...

The formula in a conditional requires the format: =X=Y

where X=Y needs to return a true or false.

this allows you to do this like testing many different sit
uations and if one of them is true to conditionally format the cell (and stop other test conditions for that cell)

In this section we add the format value for a conditional on status="ok"

=INDIRECT("B" & ROW() ) = "ok"

This means

For the cell B and whatever Row I'm on, test if the value is equal to "ok" and if it is, format according to the format chosen (I just chose fill color orange..)

So now how do I manage my rulez if I am so inclined??

Go to Manage rules in the menu

Then select the rule from the list

This list allows you to manage the following

  1. The certain rule you can view all the rules in the worksheet, in another sheet, or in the selection
  2. Applies to, allows you to change the cells that are affected in this case =$B$4:$E$8
  3. If you wish to change this to the entire row 3 to 8 you would write =$3:$8
  4. Stop if True, and stop testing for other rules.
  5. Delete, add new, or move rule Up/Down (makes sense with point 3 - above)

And that's all folks ...

comments would be appreciated!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Assisted GPS with a twist - Tagin
uses Wifi signal strengths from different MACs of different APs to map 3dimentional locations in building.

pretty ingenious!!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mac-Like gestures on a windows


I was looking at my friends' mac and I see he is doing lots of stuff directly from his touchpad. So I asked him about it and turns out it's a function in the OS X allowing him to do 2 and 3 figured gestures. I remember I looked at 2-3 fingered gestures in different applications (blogs about multi displays and tracking) but not on the touch pad


Then I came across the lifehacker website, and saw a bunch of programs it talks about.

I have a LENOVO T60 with (I guess) and IBM TouchPad so I can't use the Synaptics Scrybe Driver for multi gesture on Synaptics touchpads for windows

I am however using the TwoFingerScroll app created by arkadius...@googlemail.com

I am getting used to it, but it looks like a lot of fun,

Im strating to think about maybe installing a hackintosh

Thursday, January 21, 2010

PayPal X

I have started writing for a blogging community called Fintech,
so most of my blogging will go to them.

my last blog about PayPal was completely in their space, so If you're interested in PayPal on the pseudo-technical side, read my http://fintechisrael.com/2010/01/19/paypal-x-a-new-community/