Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mac-Like gestures on a windows


I was looking at my friends' mac and I see he is doing lots of stuff directly from his touchpad. So I asked him about it and turns out it's a function in the OS X allowing him to do 2 and 3 figured gestures. I remember I looked at 2-3 fingered gestures in different applications (blogs about multi displays and tracking) but not on the touch pad


Then I came across the lifehacker website, and saw a bunch of programs it talks about.

I have a LENOVO T60 with (I guess) and IBM TouchPad so I can't use the Synaptics Scrybe Driver for multi gesture on Synaptics touchpads for windows

I am however using the TwoFingerScroll app created by

I am getting used to it, but it looks like a lot of fun,

Im strating to think about maybe installing a hackintosh

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