Saturday, February 08, 2014

Visual Studio 2013 ultimate - comes without NUGET installed???


I am not one to whine.

I am trying to use the new ASP.NET identity framework.

Using I follow the tutorial (which is very well written as I looked it over).

So I try the template as instructed and YEE HAA :


Exception 0x80070002 Oh crap. a quick google search comes up with NADA helpful


Welp, I look at the different options and all I see is prerequisites:

and others


A quick check and sure enough, Nuget is not installed????

are you kidding me ? VS 2013 Ultimate comes without nuget installed??? this also happened in vs 2012. Microsoft still hasn’t set this up. They have options to install Blend and Lightswitch (whatever that is) but they don’t have the foresight to install a key framework 80% of Visual studio is based on ? Are you $^&$ kidding me ?

So install


Downloaded, restarted the vs 2013, and sure enough

Now it’s working.

Nice going Microsoft … just after I said you rule for adding Facebook, Google and Twitter oAuth logins built in, you have to make me upset.