Monday, November 30, 2009

Locking Word docments

So as I am now an MBA student I sometimes need to submit a word document.

The problem is when you give someone a word document, it moves around on their computer, pictures move atc..
this is bad as it makes glitches, and then it looks bad.

So how to lock a document?

The Statistics paper we handed in was locked by my team mate Yosi Atias, and I was wondering how this is done
-google to the rescue ofcourse -
a few choice words and i came across this Gem

I found this from Chibban on a site called

In order to lock the content of the doc - you need to work a bit :
1) Go to the "Office" button (top left office logo)
2) Choose "Word Options" (buttom right of the menu)
3) Goto "Customize"
4) In the first list box choose: "Commands not in the Ribbon"
5) Look for "Protect Document" command and add it to the menu
6) Now, next to the "Office" button you'll see a green dot - click it
7) Choose "Read only" and save the doc

and then this from Zulla

To lock a docx file jus follow the following 5 steps:
1:left click on the office button.
2:highlight Prepare.
3:select encrypt document.
4:create a password.
5:your docx is encrypted..

so now you too know how to lock and unlock word dox..

happy trails

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