Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FullStack vs ???? single stack ??


It has come to my attention that some developers only deal with one aspect of development. They do it well, but they don’t really even understand the rest. Some come from developing apps like MOS and customizations and addins/templates built over Frameworks and Existing systems.

I rememnber being asked “can you develop from scratch” and didn’t know there was another way. turns out, a lot of developers only know how to use systems, but not configure them, such as database from scratch, wcf, hibernate/entity mapping from scratch etc.. they know how to live in someone elses kingdom but do not reallt know how to build that kingdom themselves.

I believe in understanding the entire process, I really dislike the Frontend of UI, but I understand it. I am a server man myself.


I think this new “fullstack developer” vs “????? single stack ? developer”  is problematic. I think requiring REAL developers to add “fullstack” to their name rather than deciding that “single stack” developers be singled out creates an imbalance.

Only my opinion ofcourse.

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