Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hilton International to add to over 20 large hotel and casinos chains to build on Gaza beach


Only 12 years ago Gaza was a war zone, tunneling into Israel and terrorizing their own population. War was in the streets, Israel’s embargo almost devastating the local economy. A city torn by war and oppressive regime.

Today a booming touristic gem in the Middle East, with over 500 hotels and over 30,000 rooms, 5 Casino’s and resorts. Gaza’s future has never looked more promising.

It all started in 2013, when instead of building tunnels and starting a war, Hamas decided to go the way of Dubai and Monte Carlo, utilizing the experience, know-how and not-to-mention funds of the Emirates and Saudi connections, the Palestinian autonomic state built its first Casino and Resort by offering free land to the Marriot international chain if they would be willing to invest in free casino hosting and training clubs and courses as well as build their next big hotel on the Gaza strip beach.

Today the Gaza gem’s main income is tourism

…. Wouldn’t this be a lovely future?